MecSaiel Dauhn Solehman is an interdisciplinary artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Being self-taught, she devotes a lot of time studying art and art history.


Solehman’s tattoos, paintings, short films, motion graphics, and apparel explore themes of mysticism, introspection, social and psychological issues, along with the various complexities of interaction and communication. These themes are usually addressed from the perspective of both self-reflection and external observation.


Inspired by other surrealist painters such as Rene Magritte, Giorgio de Chirico, and Zdzisław Beksiński, her creations often place viewers in an augmented reality with signs and road maps that mentally help guide the viewer through. The darkness of the themes and environments are contrasted against intense vibrancy, creating thickness and depth. Scattered symbolism and layered themes of emotional distress, curiosity, and blunt social query find ample space to drift in and out of each other. This layering of thought is integral in Saiel’s process and is mirrored in the way she creates. Even though surrealism seems to be Solehman’s flagship style, she creates in multiple different styles and mediums.

Earlier this year, as Saiel Solomon, Solehman was given the opportunity to participate in an Artist Talk hosted by Southern Fried Queer Pride with the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center. Solehman has exhibited in Future Gallery’s “End Game” and  “Abstract Mindstate”.

statement from the artist:

I've become obsessed with documenting my individual growth and internal travel, with death and time, and with what it truly means to understand and perceive. I've also become obsessed with the connection within the patterns that make any of this matter in the first place. 


Most of my works are conversations I have with myself; others are conversations I want to influence. My intention is to be sharp and precise but vague enough to allow room for movement. 


I'm focused on honesty and becoming as clear as I can possibly be. But that's been like digging to the center of the earth with no tools or experience. or maybe its been more like digging up and out from the center of the earth with no tools or experience.

it's cool: you can call me Saiel Solomon, Sai , MecSaiel Solehman... it's all the same.


THIS WEBSITE is a collection of art expressed through paintings, clothing, tattoos, music and movies to bring awareness to our wholeselves in hopes that this bridges some of the gaps between us. light and dark in and amongst the rise of the woke hypebeasts. a concentration on the individual experience and how that experience relates to everything else. I do talk about other things sometimes though.