okay so boom: MORTAGAGES ARE A FUCKING SCAM. THE AMERICAN DREAM IS BULLSHIT. its attainable but it isn't freedom in the same advertised. It's a little weird to me that mortgage is just "deadgage".  They benefit from most people not knowing what the fuck any of this shit means. Mortgages are usually a trap to low/middle -income folks. Specifically the popular 30 year mortgage. You end up paying well over double than what you borrowed in the first place(if youre even able to pay it off before you die). That shit should be illegal. Funny thing is, "dead gages" were considered illegal back in the day day, but they changed the word and the meaning of the word, but didn't change the fuckery. They "advise" you to do shit that isn't in your benefit knowing damn well you don't know what they hell they talm bout. 

DEADGAGE. sweatshirt

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