i think a lot of the time we get caught up in the symbols used to express certain ideas. Even when the intention is explained, it's still ignored becasue we're distracted by the symbol. Communication can be difficult when we put the value of the symbol over the intention. sometimes we have different meanings behind the same symbol used and if those differing meanings arent addressed and both parties brought on the same page, we're not really having the same conversation. I know it seems kind of obvious you know, like of course "love" means "love" everyone knows what "love" means, right?. Everyone knows what "upset" means... wait, upset like angry or upset like sad?

This idea came about when the Kanye/MAGA thing happened. His main idea was lost because the symbols he chose to use were irresponsible and ego driven. ego in a sense that his perception of the symbol mattered more than the collective black experience's perception of the symbol.(side note:even the symbol used here "ego driven"could be taken another way to mean something like "he wanted attention") 

I think maybe there should be a "meet me halfway" kind of thing where the intention matters more than the symbol and maybe we be more responsible with the symbols we use. I do think that at a certain point though, even if the symbol isn't the best one, after the intention is explained it should be accepted and understood. Anything after that is just you being in your feelings. Take this, expand it, and think about it within your everyday interactions.

Communication can be difficult, if we're not honest with ourselves and realize when emotion is preventing us from accepting that what someone is saying wasn't intended to hurt us. 

Symbols also change over time. We are in charge of that, more than we think. The meanings of symbols are very flakey and vary from culture to culture, even household to household. But intentions are definite. They are what they are. even though we have different names for blue, that color still is what it is. that vibration, frequency, energy. intention is what it is regardless of what we call it. Sure words can influence the perception of the intention but thats just the perception of and not the intention itself. Sometimes our intention was just selfish and not an attack from an enemy. boom you've maintained your friendship! But to clarify something: there is a difference between not knowing something is going to hurt someone, and knowing it will hurt but doing it anyway. 

ANYWAY... Basically, what you CHARGE the symbols with is what matters more. 


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